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Syn~ connectivity solutions

Seamlessly connect back office applications to the ASX for real-time trading and settlement processing

Back office ASX connectivity

Syn~ enables brokers and custodians to connect existing global or in-house solutions to the ASX for real-time trading and settlement processing. These connectivity solutions bring together our unrivalled expertise in the Australian market with our highly-automated Syn~ platform.

Whether you operate just in the local market or need to connect your Australian operations with other global systems, Syn~ is the flexible and scalable solution to support your organisation’s growth:

  • Cloud ready – save on infrastructure costs, access anywhere and only pay for what you use
  • API enabled – extensive suite of APIs and access options to enable upstream integration and automation
  • Browser-based interface – lower deployment costs with a powerful, user focused and intuitive access-anywhere interface
  • Adaptive real-time workflow – update configurations for instant system changes without costly code development and upgrades
  • Exception management – be ready to efficiently scale your business by focusing on workflow exception alerts

Syn~MAP for brokers and custodians

Syn~MAP provides a real-time view of holdings and streamlined reconciliation of Australian trading activities. It delivers efficient settlement and confidence in accurate holding positions. Features include:

  • Real-time position management and reporting
  • Automatic corporate action updates
  • SWIFT connectivity
  • Maker/checker functionality

To benefit from the full capability of the Syn~ suite, brokers can choose Syn~ANG which offers the connectivity of Syn~MAP built into a complete equities processing solution.

The ASX’s CHESS system is being replaced with a new Clearing and Settlement Platform (CSP), set to go live in April 2022. Syn~MAP and Syn~ANG integrate with the current CHESS system and will be fully accredited for CSP connectivity.

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